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Jennifer Ford, PhD, owner of the Backstage Alpaca shop in Bedford, PA, has been an active participant in the alpaca industry for over a decade. Jen helped found the state alpaca owners association (PAOBA), and served on its board for two terms. 

She operates her alpaca breeding program under the name Backstage Alpacas, and is committed to producing alpacas of the highest quality. Why Backstage?? For nearly forty years Jen designed the lighting for professional theatre companies in Pittsburgh, and still enjoys lighting an occasional production. And, as a confirmed city girl, she wisely stays "behind the scenes" when it comes to farm life, leaving that daunting aspect of the business to her friends Craig Eslep & Bill O'Donnell, owners of 84 Alpacas at Linwood Farm, in Eighty-Four, PA.

Classic, sophisticated jackets; fashionable scarves and shawls; downy-soft sweaters & socks, baby blankets, throws, toys and yarn...you'll find them all at Backstage Alpaca!
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